Flat Broke Farm Animal Rescue

"Where the Humans are Broke, Not the Animals."

Our Farm

Flat Broke Farm provides a clean, safe and healthy environment for sheep, pig's, chicken's, ducks, geese, horses, cows, goats, cats, dogs … and a few humans too! There have also been a few exotic animals who passed through, but our mission remains caring for the often overlooked needs of abandoned, abused or mistreated farm animals.

We acquired our current Cotati, California property in Fall 2016, a much needed expansion to six barns and four acres. While we’ve made tremendous strides in renovating the existing barns, pastures and gardens, there is much work to be done. We are still accepting and caring for animals on property during this renovation.

The farm continues its mission of helping the most vulnerable though donations of its supporters – yes, the farm is 100 percent donation-supported.

Our Process

Flat Broke Farm operates of a strict program of animal care and wellbeing for animals often surviving the most heartbreaking situations.

The program begins with an evaluation process that lasts anywhere from a few days to a full month. During this time, we get to know the animal better, fully evaluate their medical condition and learn their quirks and previous training, if applicable.

The second part of their farm integration is placing them on a schedule from exercise regimes, playtime, grooming, physical/emotional rehabilitation, supplement and nutrition programs. This continues and evolves as the animal progresses in both health and behavior.

The final part of program is adoption assessment. We review the animal’s past, how they handle their Flat Broke Farm program and where they stand in ongoing health and behavioral needs. Each animal that comes through our gates will only be available for adoption when he or she is in good physical health and emotionally ready for a transition.

With correct care, a better understanding of an animal’s individual personality and training basics, animals are confident enough to flourish in their new forever-home environments.

Our Land

In 2016, Flat Broke Farm moved to a new home in Cotati, California, just miles from its previous Penngrove farm. The farm expanded to four acres with six barns. While the property needed extensive renovation, Flat Broke Farm knew the property - just like the animals it would serve - would come around with a little love and care. The two main barns were renovated during the first six month, as the need for animal care space did not cease. The chicken coop was later added.  

Our Team

Erica Gregory began Flat Broke Farm in 2005, after realizing the need for a Sonoma County rescue operation that would take in farm animals. With a diverse hooved-animal background and decades of experience, Erica decided to take in these otherwise overlooked animals in need and prepare them for rehoming as pets.

After years of growth, expanding fans, dedicated volunteers and seemingly endless need, Flat Broke Farm moved to a larger property in 2016. Erica dedicated herself to the rescue full time the following year.

Over the years, Flat Broke Farm built a strong relationship with the local veterinary community, as well as the UC-Davis Large Animal Science faculty, staff and students. From routine, local wellness checks to extensive surgeries, we’re proud to team with those who believe all creatures are worthy of the best, most innovative means of medical care.

As well, the rescue works closely with local government animal control personal, and various agencies around the state when emergency rescue and evacuation conditions occur.

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